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Nick Boston Consultancy and Development Nick Boston

"I feel that I have learned greatly from these management skills modules. I feel that I will be able to put into practice the things I have learned"

"I will definitely use the tools back in the workplace"

"Very enlightening and relevant to my place of work"

"The trainers were responsive to individual’s needs and personalities"

"I found Nick's attitude to my disability and his encouragement most helpful"

"Thank you so much for presenting the information in such a manner that will be useful within my management role"

"Every company should have this course"

"I will definitely put this training into practice!"

"Valuable training much needed for fortifying my role as a manager"

"Very helpful and knowledgeable trainers who used skill in presenting information in a relaxing though structured way"

"Excellent presentation by the tutor – a very useful start to the course"